How I Organise my Goodreads

Goodreads is a big part of my bookish life, and if you’re a reader too then I’m sure it’s also a big part of yours! If you haven’t yet signed up to Goodreads (in which case, what are you waiting for?), here’s a little bit of info for you!

  • Multiple shelves where you keep books you want to read, books you’re reading and books you’ve read
  • You can track your reading progress
  • You can set a yearly goal a.k.a the Goodreads reading challenge
  • Keep up to date with what your friends are reading
  • Rate & review the books you’ve read
  • A great community full of book lovers
  • Become part of a book club – or create one yourself!

So with that, I want to show you how I organise my own Goodreads. Let’s get going!


I track my reading progress with every book I read, almost obsessively, as I like to see how far through a book I am and Goodreads tells me my percentage – so helpful! At one point I had 4 books on this list and I can’t even tell you how stressed that made me…never again!



Underneath my Currently Reading is my Want to Read shelf, which they have displayed beautifully on the side with all those gorgeous book covers! I have a lotttt of books on this shelf (160+)!



And here are all the shelves I currently have on my goodreads. Read, Currently Reading, Want to Read and Wishlist are my most important shelves. Read obviously is what it is, as is Currently Reading, but Want to Read and Wishlist are a bit different.

The books on my Want to Read are books that I actually own that I want/need to read, whereas the books on my wishlist are books that I want to read but don’t own! I actually find having the two different shelves to be really helpful as it helps me keep track of what I own.

The other shelves are shelves that I have added myself (including Wishlist that I added). I did have a lot more but in hindsight, it was quite excessive and was a pain in the bum as I’d be adding a book to several shelves. Here’s a quick run down of my shelves:

DNF – Books I started but didn’t finish. I’m glad that there are only 3 on here. I wanted this shelf as I started reading these books but just wasn’t in the mood for them or they just weren’t for me. I have this shelf because I never know if/when I might want to come back to these books!

Wishlist – As explained, this shelf is everything that I want to read, but don’t own yet. It helps me to manage my big TBR, but gives me a place to store all the other books I want to read so that I don’t forget about them, seeing as my owned books TBR is large enough as it is!

Big love – This shelf is home to the books that I absolutely love! This is also my ‘featured shelf’ on my profile page!

Diverse Books I Own – There is always a discussion on twitter about diverse books, and although I have not read a lot of diverse book myself, this doesn’t in any way mean that I don’t want too. So in my effort to start reading more diverse books, I’ve created a list of books from my Want to Read and Wishlist shelves that fit into this category.

Flights of Fantasy 2015/2016/2017 – The Flights of Fantasy challenge is one held by Alexa of Alexa Loves Books and Rachel of Hello Chelly. I’ve participated both last year and this year, but as I wasn’t so active blogging last year or so much this year, I’ve found it really easy to keep track of where I am with the challenge through these shelves!

Read 2013/2014 – These are pretty self explanatory. Although I have the reading challenges each year to look at, I like having these shelves which show me what I’ve read each year. It’s interesting to see the numbers next to each one and to look at how my tastes have changed! Up until recently, I did have 2015 and 2016 shelves, but the Goodreads reading challenge keeps track of these for me!

So that’s how I organise my Goodreads! I should add that as well as having my owned books on my To Read shelf on Goodreads, I also have my owned TBR as a list on my phone’s Reminder app. It’s really useful to be able to tick off books as I read on it and it’s another easy and great way to keep track! If you want to know or see anymore, please do let me know! You can find me on Goodreads here!

7 thoughts on “How I Organise my Goodreads

  1. Nice to see someone actually organize GR 😀 mine is just so immense that I.. would have to do a lot of work if I wanted it all organized. But I was actually thinking of making an owned shelf – so I’d actually know what I own in terms of e-books -.- so easy to lose track of!
    As for 4 currently-reading 😀 I’m usually currently reading ten! Which means I am literally currently reading ten. Cause I never just read one book. It’s kind of like TV channels, I guess?
    Then, my to-read shelf has like 1000 xD roughly around, I don’t even want to look. LOL


    1. Haha, I saw a smaller organisation post two years ago or so after not really knowing much about Goodreads! I didn’t even know I could organise it until I read that. It did take some time to organise it but I’m glad I did as it’s made my life so much easier, plus if I want to treat myself and don’t already know a book off the top of my head, I just go through my wishlist!

      Oh gosh, that’s a lot to read! My little brain can’t cope with 2/3 let alone 10! My TBR is 170..maybe if I read more than one book at a time, I’d actually get through them all!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually, you inspired me to clean up my ebook (and later physical book) act, and I created several shelves on GR and now I actually know how many books I have! So big thanks 🙂
        Care to find out how many..? xD 503… Oh my god, right… 503 UNREAD BOOKS.


  2. This is great, my organization techniques are pretty similar actually! I’m obsessive about tracking my reading progress too, I love it. I have a lot more shelves that you do, lots of genre shelves. I think that’s because I’m a mood reader and also if someone is looking for recs, I can go right to the appropriate shelf to browse. I have challenge shelves too, to keep track. Want To Read is everything I’m remotely interested in so there’s a LOT (I did delete 200 books yesterday!); to keep track of ones I own, I have Owned-Unread and Ebook-owned. I also have a To Be Published shelf so I don’t get excited about a book and realize I can’t buy it yet. I’m kind of obsessive at tracking that too, seeing when covers and publishing dates pop up haha. I do love playing around with Goodreads and seeing how others organize theirs 🙂


    1. I used to have a lot more shelves as in all my read books for the year, more sections that sorted the books but then it annoyed me that I’d have to add a book to loads of lists! I do have the Flights of Fantasy challenge but that’s because it’s the only challenge I do! Ooh that’s good! I just stick everything I want on my wish list! Haha I love that too, I love seeing how people organise their Goodreads but also how they organise their bookshelves! 🙂


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