March Wrap-Up

March has felt like it’s lasted forever, which as helpful as that would be with reaching my reading goal for the year, I haven’t actually done that much reading. In March, a few things happened; I began this blog, and I finished the first draft of my dissertation, thank goodness! With just over a month left now before I finish university, I feel like I’m going to become insanely busy. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t affect my reading time.

March has been a fairly successful month in terms of my lack of buying books, other than my pre-order of The Song Rising, so I don’t have much to share in terms of a book haul unfortunately (fortunately for my bank account though)! However, I did read five books this month (I can’t quite believe it) and here they are..

1. The Mime Order – I’ve written a review for this, which you can read here. I enjoyed this book, however it was super long. I switched to reading it on my Kindle for the last 150 pages or so, and I ended up getting through it so much quickly than I did with my physically copy. I’m wondering if physical books sometimes intimidate me, whereas on Kindle, you can’t see the size of a book! But that’s a discussion for another time..

2. Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Man, I really enjoyed this book. It was a great length, the chapters were perfect and I just loved Karou. If anything, this book made me want to be as cool as her, I mean blue hair and able to draw crazy amazing designs? Duh! I’m excited to read the next book in this series. Review for this to come.

3. Paper Princess (The Royals, 1) – This book and the next two below are all from The Royals series, which I read in one night, go me! Christine gave me this book for Christmas and I thought I’d just pick it up as I couldn’t really decide what to read next and my gosh, this series is addicting. It is marked as Young Adult, however this was definitely more in the New Adult category.

4. Broken Prince (The Royals, 2) 

5. Twisted Palace (The Royals, 3)


So that is what I read this month! I’m now 14 books into my 20-book reading goal, so I’ll hopefully hit that target in May/June!


My plan for April is to read two books. It’s low, I know, but as April is all about me preparing for my dissertation hand in date (4th of May) plus revising for exams, I need to keep the goal low. I’ll probably read more as I’ll be procrastinating, but as long as my uni work gets done, it’s ok.

What did you read this month? What are your goals for this month?


14 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up

    1. Definitely give the series ago! Sometimes it’s really quite descriptive with little dialogue, but it’s still good! I’m currently reading the second book in the series. It is good and reads really quickly if you’re into contemporary!

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      1. I bought the first one at the signing and can’t wait to start it soon! I need to get on and read Strange the Dreamer first though


      2. Ooh yay! Ah, well I thought I’d read the series first as I had them before Strange the Dreamer and I didn’t want to be spoiled at the signing! I’m glad I’ve read some of the series first though as it’s given me a taste of what Laini’s writing is like! Hope you enjoy Strange! 🙂

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      3. I had no idea who they were talking about at the signing but they’re always really good at not spoiling stuff so that’s good 🙂 Loving Strange atm!!


  1. I read Paper Princess, and wasn’t a fan of the ending. So I haven’t continued yet. Maybe I’ll get to it someday soon. I’ve read nothing but good reviews of the rest of the series.
    It seems like you had a great reading month! 🙂


    1. Ah, I think the second book is better as it offers a bit more to the ending and to the series in general. Thanks! I’m not having such a great reading month in April though!

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    1. Yes! I know there’s a fourth one coming out, but it focuses on a different character so I’m not sure if I’ll read it or not as I personally loved the two PoV characters in the first 3 books!

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    1. You do! Get to it, Christine, haha! I’m on 15 now but I’ve come to a halt this month, what with uni getting in the way! I did, and thank you for getting it for me!

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