The Song Rising Event

On Saturday, 1st April 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Samantha Shannon, author of The Bone Season books. The event was hosted by Waterstones in Birmingham and although it was a small event, it was a great one. The small group meant that Samantha was able to take a bit more time with everybody when signing books and answer more questions.

So the event itself. I met up with Ciara, who I had met at a V.E. Schwab signing in August 2016, so it was really lovely to see her again. We grabbed some food at Five Guys (honestly, how expensive?) before getting to the event for 6:30pm. So the host/interviewer had loads of questions to ask which was fab as I was basically struck silent for the whole event as I couldn’t think of anything to ask or say. There were questions about the series, Book 4, the characters, Samantha’s other book project as well as other things. I actually got to ask a few questions myself (once I had thought of some), including, Will we ever find out what happens to Finn (Paige’s cousin)? The answer being yes, we will so thank goodness, because I really want to know. Following someone else question which asked whether any other material similar to the On the Merits of Unnaturalness pamplet that was released a while back would be released in future, I also asked if we’d ever see a copy of The Rephaite Revolution which Paige and others create in The Mime Order – specifically I asked if we’d see the two versions of it that were featured in the book.

Following the talk, which was fabulous, I then queued up to get my books signed. You may or may not know this but my copy of The Song Rising is the special edition purple jacket so that came signed already, so I wanted to get that personalised. My copy of The Bone Season, which I had bought off Amazon ages ago also arrived as a signed copy, so again, I wanted this one personalised. Samantha personalised both as well as signing my copy of The Mime Order. We then spoke a little and I asked when she started writing The Bone Season as I knew that she’d started writing it at University and I, myself would love to write a book however I am now close to end of my final year of University and I am stressed. Samantha reminded me to take time out from university work and told me she believes in me (it’s fab when an amazing author says that to you!). I also then proceeded to ask for any writing tips as I have an idea for a book but I wasn’t sure about it. I ended up spilling my idea to which she said I must write it and to write it for her! So I guess after I’ve finished University in May, that’s what I’ll be doing!

All in all, the event was fab and I actually quite liked that there weren’t that many people there as it meant that the event was a bit more intimate and that at the end, you could actually have a proper chat with Samantha which was great! If Samantha ever visits your town, I would fully recommend seeing her, she’s lovely!

2 thoughts on “The Song Rising Event

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