Fast Track: Poetry

Fast track is where I mini review multiple books in the same post.

Today, we’re talking about two poetry books that I read in January and February of this year: salt. and bone.


Title: salt.

Author: Nayyirah Waheed

Pages: 251

Publisher: CreateSpace

Published: 2013

Source: Free on Kindle

Rating: ★★★


First of all, this book cover is super hard to see as it’s on a plain white background so all you see is the title name.

I’m not a huge reader of poetry, however within recent months, books such as salt. and Milk and Honey have received a lot of attention, and as they were free on Kindle, I decided to give them a go to see what everyone is talking about. Now, I am no poet nor do I read poetry at all, but these were getting such good reviews that I just had to check them out.

salt. had a lot of interesting and insightful poems, however none of them really stayed with me. I realise that in my lack of poetry experience, the meaning of some of these poems might be lost on me, so perhaps this is why. Personally, I just did not feel that moved by them. Don’t get me wrong, some of the poems were beautiful and there were some that I loved, but I just didn’t feel totally smitten with this poetry book like others have been.


Title: bone

Author: Yrsa Daley-Ward

Pages: 136

Publisher: CreateSpace

Published: 2013

Source: Free on Kindle

Rating: ★★★★



I preferred this poetry book to salt. so much more. Perhaps having read one poetry book already, my mind was a bit more accustomed to the different format, however the poems in this book were laid out more like a story in terms of one poem almost led on from the next, or one poem had a connection to a previous poem. Because of this, I found bone to be much more enjoyable. I found the poems in this book to be not so  much relatable, but more that the poems stayed with me and really resonated with me in some instances.


I think poetry is an important literary form, and although it’s not really my thing, if you enjoy it or are looking for some poetry to start your poetry reading journey off, I would fully recommend these. Just because I perhaps couldn’t quite get fully invested in these two poetry books doesn’t mean that I won’t be giving Milk and Honey a go, as I see this book all the time around instagram and the blog world, and having read one of the poems when flicking through it at my local bookstore, I feel that perhaps I might be able to find myself a bit more interested when reading the poems in it. So all in all, I’m still not the biggest fan of poetry – I find it hard to connect with, but it doesn’t meant that I’ll rule out reading it all together.



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