Fairyloot: March Box

It’s finally time for me to reveal what I received in the March 1 year Anniversary Fairyloot box! (This picture low key annoys me because the bookmarks kind of fell over and I’ve only just noticed!). If you don’t know, Fairyloot is a YA Fantasy book box. I was really excited to receive this box as I have been a fan of Fairyloot since June 2016 and have loved every box since. This box was purple and came with a special booklet that told us all about Fairyloot’s journey. The theme for this box was: Myths and Monsters. So what did this box come with?

  • Silver Dragon Scale Scarf
  • Unicorn Fairy Lights
  • Nephilim Candle by GeekyClean
  • Mermaid Mirror by BookOtter
  • Dragon & Phoenix bookmarks
  • Anniversary Booklet
  • Fairy Scoop newsletter
  • Fallen Online Chapter Sampler card
  • Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor
  • Letter from Laini and book postcard

Here’s a closer look at some of the items:

These are the Dragon and Phoenix bookmarks (that had fallen over in the first pic) and I think they’re soooo cute! Look how cute the Dragon is especially, I love it!


This is the cool mirror designed by Book Otter. I love Liza’s designs so was thrilled to receive this. The colours are so pretty and the art is just brilliant! This fits so well with the ‘myth’ part of the theme!



This is the Nephilim candle made by Geeky Clean and the scents are Black Cherry and Lime. The black cherry scents really stands out to me but at the end of sniffing it, the lime starts to come out. It seems to me more like an after smell.. It really reminds me of the Black Cherry car air freshener/candle too which is made by Yankee Candle. Basically it smells really good and the colour is soooo bright! It goes with Cassandra Clare’s name on the cover of City of Bones!

And now for the book….

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

So we received a U.K. first edition with blue sprayed page edges featuring Laini’s signature and artwork. I actually took this book with me along to Laini’s signing in Birmingham as I knew the signature was digital and I wanted her to actually sign/personalise it for me! I actually much prefer the U.K. cover of this book to the U.S. version, thought the U.S. does look shiny. I just love the mix of blue and gold on this cover and the back has this pretty shade of purple and stars on the back and basically it’s one of the most gorgeous books I own. I am yet to read it as university is currently stopping me from reading anything, but I have heard amazing things about it so I’d like to read it very soon!

All in all, I loved this box. The book is perfect, I love the bookmarks, candle, mirror and all the other items. I’ve never received a scarf before but I love the print on it! I would fully recommend FairyLoot if you’re looking for a book subscription box. I would think that having bought every box since June 2016 would be a clear sign that I love FairyLoot!

Did you receive this box? What did you think of the goodies?

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