April Wrap Up

April was a very busy month for me life-wise, what with my last year of university, meaning that I ended up picking up a three books, but only read one. I was quite disappointed with this as I’d actually been doing quite well up until April with getting through my books, however my uni grades had to come first before books, especially since books will always be there, my chance to do well at uni will not. I’ll list the book I read, the books I picked up and what I acquired in April. I’m still doing relatively well on my book buying limit of 20 having not reached 10 yet, wahoo!

This month, I also had the chance to attend two book events, which I have written about, with Samantha Shannon and Laini Taylor.

How am I doing on my 30 books to read in 2017 list?

Well…So far I’ve read 5 books on that list. Some were part of series, or series starters which means that I’ve ended up following on and reading more books from a series, for example, Days of Blood and Starlight! I obviously have over 6 months to get through my 2017 TBR list so I’m doing ok, but I hope that after finishing Uni in May, I’ll be able to blast through my list! In May, I’d ideally like to read Firewalker, Uprooted and Black Widow.We’ll see how that goes!

Books I picked up to read:

The Song Rising

Days of Blood and Starlight

Lying About Last Summer



Lying About Last Summer


Hunting Prince Dracula – ARC

ACOWAR – Bought

I feel a little bit sad that there isn’t a lot for me to talk to you about in terms of what I read in April, but I did read a lot more in May so keep an eye out for my May wrap up as it’ll be out soon!


2 thoughts on “April Wrap Up

    1. Ah I’m late to replying to this, sorry! Definitely! I’m glad it’s over now and I can start working so I have time to read! Ah thank you, I really hope I do! I think I actually first heard about it from you – I remember seeing a tweet or Instagram post of yours about it which encouraged me to buy it!


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