Why I love my Kindle

Once upon a time on my old blog, I wrote a post about Kindles VS Physical books. I received a Kindle paper white for Christmas 2015 and that day, I completed my first Kindle book. Having now had my Kindle for a year and a half now and the debate about which is better having died down a lot more, I thought I’d write a couple of points on why I love my Kindle. If you’re contemplating purchasing a Kindle, you may find this helpful!

  1. I can carry around so many more books and they weigh soooo much less
  2. My books don’t have to keep competing for shelf space (well they do but my Kindle lessens it a bit..)
  3. They are cheaper (most of the time..)
  4. It has a helpful ‘minutes left in book’ line in the bottom corner which means that…
  5. I read books a lot faster on my Kindle – I really don’t know how or why, but I do!
  6. You can make notes and highlight lines without damaging the book
  7. I can actually fit this in my bag without having to switch out to another bag to accommodate it, unlike physical books
  8. I can read in bed and I don’t have to get in to an awkward position to try and read both pages because its all on screen
  9. Kindle books/Amazon vouchers make for very easy gifts
  10. Kindle books have exactly the same content that they do in physical books – there’s no difference!

I hope this post has helped you if you’ve been deliberating on whether to get a Kindle. They are super useful and handy, especially if you’re on the go or going away and you just have no idea what books to take!  Of course, I can only comment on my experiences of the Kindle Paperwhite which is super good if you want to read outside or in the dark because it has the lit back screen which is really good! Do you have a Kindle? If not, has this made you think of getting one?

16 thoughts on “Why I love my Kindle

  1. I have a Nook and wished I had a Kindle instead! I heard you can borrow ebooks from the library using Overdrive? I don’t think that’s an option for Nook, so I’ve been using Adobe Digital Editions and downloading/converting to epub just so I could have the book in my Nook. It’s a pain, really. 😆


    1. We had a nook between my family but honestly, we’ve never used it. I do, however, really love my Kindle! I know you can borrow books on it but I haven’t utilised that option yet as I’m not entirely sure how to use it. I tend to just buy Kindle books when I have a voucher anyway!


  2. I definitely think I’ll invest in an actual Kindle when I have the money to do so! I currently use the Kindle app on my phone, which is nice, but I do wish I had something that was relatively the size of a book. I do like the idea of the lit backscreen but I’m not a huge fan of all the ads that pop up on the homescreen! Glad you love your Kindle though!


    1. I’d recommend them for sure. I also read for a time on the Kindle and iBooks app and have found the Kindle to be much better for my eyes in comparison to reading on my phone. Yeah, the ads are annoying although they are only on the home screen and lock screen, not when you’re reading the book so I don’t tend to find that they bother me!

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  3. I actually have been thinking recently about getting a kindle so thank you for this post, I might ask for one for Christmas😊😉💛


  4. I love my Kindle too and have just written a post about it too- which I’d love you to check out if you get the chance! One of my favourite things about it is how easy it is to read in bed too 🙂


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