MelvisMakes Book Buddy

You may or may not have seen but there are a few companies that make book wallets. One is MelvisMakes. I recently discovered this shop via instagram and quickly fell in love with the designs. I didn’t think that it would arrive in time for my travels but it did which I was chuffed about as I was able to take it away with me! That’s 6 weeks including 13 stops around Europe, so I feel that I have really put it to the test. I thought I’d show you guys my MelvisMakes book case as I love it.

MelvisMakes is super affordable and as the creator is based in the UK, the shipping is cheap! I chose to go for a pre-made design which is this planets fabric and it’s such a lovely, soft texture. I had seen this one about a bit on Instagram and its probably one of my favourite designs. There was only one left and it was in the large style so I consider myself lucky to have got it. The large says that you can fit a standard hardcover book in this buddy, however I managed to get two paperback books in mine, plus my Kindle!

Don’t you just love this fabric? I think it’s so cute and it was definitely my favourite of all the designs, although I did have a difficult time choosing! On some of the book buddies where you can pick the size of the buddy, you can also pick the inside of the fabric. Again, mine was pre-made so it was chosen for me but it was a plain colour that fits fine with the outside design.

The first book to go in my buddy is City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare. I read this one my travels! I also managed to keep bookmarks and postcards I picked up on my travels safe in here. Not just a book buddy, but a buddy for all.

As you can see, I managed to get two books in – City of Ashes and Anna and the French Kiss – and my Kindle paper white. I only popped my Kindle in there to see if it would fit and it does, so that’s an extra point from me!

I am really glad that I found MelvisMakes as I just love my book buddy. I am super happy with it and have already bought another one in one of the owners FiverFriday’s. FiverFriday is when a selection of pre-made book buddies go up of a few different sizes for £5 (not including shipping). I was up early catching a train in Munich anyway so I managed to score a pretty red with white stars book buddy.

My verdict for this buddy is…5/5 stars! It is so perfect and definitely has passed the test after 6 weeks away with it. It is still in perfect condition and is now accompanying me on my trip to London for YALC (which I am currently away at).

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