Spooky Reads!

Ok, maybe not spooky reads as such. Let’s be honest, I am a total wuss when it comes to anything scary, like movies. I mean, I watched one small clip from IT with no sound on for most of it and still squealed every time the clown came on the screen. I have since refused to watch it and am known on occasion to dash from the car into my house when I get home at night just in case Pennywise (or the Woman in Black) are behind me. So yes, scary movies are not my thing. I also tend to stay away from scary books because I feel like words really get in your head and I am just not here for someone using scary stuff to mess with my brain. Noooo, thank you.

However, I have gathered up some reads that you may (or may not) want to pick up this October. I personally do enjoy a good murder mystery myself, and so I have included a few in this list, although there are a few other books that you may find more interesting.

Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling

Although I have only included the first book in this series on my October reads list, I can’t think of a better month in the year to start reading the whole series! The first book has a chapter called Halloween, so it’s perfect! I really just wish I could be transported to Hogwarts to take part in their Halloween feast. But hey, at least this candle by PaperFlamesCo gives me an idea of what the delicious treats may smell like!

Stalking Jack the Ripper and Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco

My love for this series (so far) knows no bounds. I fell in love with Stalking Jack the Ripper and it took me all of one page to fall in love with Hunting Prince Dracula. I just love Kerri Maniscalco’s characters, writing, plots, just everything. I am a sucker for a Victorian murder mystery, I must admit. Especially when they are based on murder mysteries that existed! Example: Jack the Ripper! Oh, also! There are pictures featured in these books. If you are a little squeamish, perhaps skip over the pictures but definitely do not skip over this book! There is definitely another book coming out following Hunting Prince Dracula however I am not sure after that. Honestly, I just wish Kerri would write about my main pals, Audrey and Thomas, forever.

These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly

Another murder mystery. I just cannot help myself. This time this one is set in a similar period, but in New York. I quite enjoyed this book and felt that it was quite unique. I enjoyed the characters and the investigation part into the murders. Definitely would recommend this one if you want a mystery combined with a historical fiction!

The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman

Wow, I am really bringing out the Historical stops today! Again, another book set in a different time period. Although not so much a mystery, but more paranormal. It almost reminded me a little of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! I am yet to read the second book of this series, however I would definitely recommend the first book!

City of Bones and City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

This one features Shadowhunters, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks, Faeries and god knows what else I’ve forgotten. There is a lot to this paranormal world and although I have only read the first two, so can’t fully recommend the series, I do like what I have read so far so I would recommend this if you want something in a more realistic setting but still featuring the paranormal.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

I am a little bad as I still haven’t read the last book in this series to read. In this series, we have our favourite little crew from Henrietta featuring the famous Blue and Gansey. You’ve probably heard of these two before. This book is, like City of Bones, set in the real world but features the paranormal world, including ghosts and speaking forests. Although I didn’t have the best time reading the second book, which most people say is their favourite, I have really enjoyed the first and third book from this series and I’m really excited to read the final book!

This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet by V. E. Schwab

This duology includes monsters. That should explain well enough that this could be read in October. These monsters are essentially born from a variety of tragedies. Though these books do feature much more than just monsters, including emotional and mental strains but also relationships, this book does show the brutality of monsters and how essentially our actions as humans have the power to create these monsters. I would fully recommend these books if you’re looking for something that can make you think, or if you’re looking for a book/books that will draw you in and not let you go until you’ve finished this duology.

Hopefully there are a few recommendations here that you may not have read before. If so, please do let me know if you’re planning to pick any of these books up! Especially if it’s my fave, Stalking Jack the Ripper!

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