Event: Hamilton, The Musical

I was incredibly lucky to snag tickets in January last year to see Hamilton. It’s been a year waiting, but on January 17th 2017, I finally got to see Hamilton on the West End and what an experience it was. I have obviously seen the hype about the American show all over Twitter but I still wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I knew some of the songs and I knew a tiny bit about Alexander Hamilton himself, but that was it. I came out with knowledge of Alexander Hamilton’s entire life and fully entertained. What I didn’t expect, was the whole show to have all singing and no talking. I know it’s a musical, but it was on a whole other level and the songs have been stuck in my head since!

So our show was at 7:30pm and as myself and my family don’t live in London, we came down super early and did a bit of shopping (mostly my mum and sister). We then grabbed some food at a place called Giraffe just down the road from Victoria Palace Theatre.

Suggestion: I would definitely recommend that if you’re going to see Hamilton, you book a table if you’re eating at one of the nearby restaurants. There is a Bill’s restaurant and a Zizzi’s restaurant just across the road which are closest but when we arrived at 5pm, there were no tables available. I believe this is probably because at that time, the 1:30pm theatre goers are starving and the people waiting for the 7:30pm showing are also after food. If you don’t fancy those, there are a couple of restaurants up the road and you can also walk past the theatre that Wicked is in!

So, the show! The most important part. We arrived at the theatre just over an hour early as instructed by the ticket provider. We got in, had our ticket confirmation checked and then our tickets were printed. I was SO excited. We wandered a little around the theatre waiting as you couldn’t go in until about 7pm. We ventured to the Hamilton ‘store’ which was a little bar but without the alcohol or drinks, but merch instead. I grabbed a souvenir brochure, the UK programme for the show and a keyring. We then waited around a little more before being let into the theatre. Eeek, it was definitely getting real now! I was SO excited.

I was incredibly lucky when I bought our tickets as I managed too score 4 seats that were the 4th row back in the stalls, so we had crazy good seats. They were most definitely worth it, except I had this tall girl in front of me so she semi-obstructed my view a little bit. Despite the fact that I had to keep moving from side to side round the girls head, I had a fantastic time and my family did too. My Dad has since declared it’s the best musical he has ever seen and has proceeded to listen to the soundtrack almost every night this week!

The show was just incredible. The songs are crazy catchy and the actors and actresses are just insane at what they do. There were a couple of times when I felt myself welling up because I was so happy to be there, listening to the songs live and having the best time. I’m sure that a lot of you already know the story of Alexander Hamilton, have potentially listened to the Hamilton soundtrack or even seen it yourselves. I don’t want to spoil the show for anyone, but I really can’t recommend it enough. If I could rewatch it right now, I definitely would.

12/10 would recommend. If you’ve seen it, what did you think? If you’re going to see it, be excited because you’re going to have the best time!

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