A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews


Title: A Thousand Perfect Notes

Author: C.G. Drews

Pages: 276

Publisher: Orchard Books

Published: 2018

Source: ARC (Thanks Team Bkmrk!)

Rating: ★★★★★

Beck hates his life. He hates his violent mother. He hates his home. Most of all, he hates the piano that his mother forces him to play hour after hour, day after day. He will never play as she did before illness ended her career and left her bitter and broken. But Beck is too scared to stand up to his mother, and tell her his true passion, which is composing his own music – because the least suggestion of rebellion on his part ends in violence.

When Beck meets August, a girl full of life, energy and laughter, love begins to awaken within him and he glimpses a way to escape his painful existence. But dare he reach for it?

This book is due to be published on the 7th June 2018.

I was really surprised to see that I had been sent a copy of this because I just really didn’t expect it at all. I am super glad that I was given the opportunity to receive an early copy of it though and I devoured this book. As in, I came home from my 9-5, saw that I had this, started reading the first few chapters to sample it and then ended up reading the whole book in an evening. It is relatively short, coming in at just under 300 pages but even if this book had been longer, I still think I would have devoured it like I did.

This book is incredibly hard hitting (pun not intended). It is always difficult to read books that deal with hard topics, such as the topic that this book deals with, domestic abuse. It was hard to read some of the scenes without wanting to personally jump in the book and give a certain character a piece of my mind and a very hard shake. I felt so helpless reading through the abuse parts of this book, but I felt that these scenes helped to make this book such a powerful one and that it really contributed to the development of Beck.

Beck, our main character and real name Beethoven, really learns to find his strength in this book, however difficult it is to do that. His development as a character is interesting to read about and it really is so wonderful to see how his character progresses on through this book. Beck is a character who really does not know his own worth. He is ashamed and does nothing to please himself, purely because he cannot. He fiercely protects his five year old sister, Joey, from harm and despite the constant struggles he wades through every day. We really see Beck’s development when August, a girl he has been assigned to work with, pops into his life. She really spurs on the growth in Beck that we see. This isn’t particularly a love story, although I would say that it features love interest elements. Mostly, it features friendship.

I’ve already mentioned that Beck has a younger sister, Joey, but I’d just like to mention that she is such a cute and cool character. I could really imagine her in my mind as a little, sassy five year old. Her love for chocolate is something that I can definitely relate to, despite the 17 year age gap between us. Clearly, a love of chocolate has no age boundaries!

I really enjoyed the writing of this book. It flowed together extremely well and constantly kept my attention, something that obviously helped me finish this book within a couple of hours and on the day of receiving it. I’m still just shocked that I was drawn in by this book so much that I finished it as quickly as I did.

As a final word, I really can’t recommend this book enough. I would just like to ensure that while I fully do recommend this book, as demonstrated by my 5 stars, in the arc there is no trigger warning about abuse/domestic abuse. I know that this is a particularly hard topic for some people and so I would just like for people to know that this book features abuse.

This is C.G. Drew’s debut novel and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the world of books next!

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3 thoughts on “A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews

  1. amazing review!!
    netgalley accepted me for an arc a few weeks ago and I’m so excited to read it in a few months as I’ve only seen good reviews at the moment for anyone who has been lucky enough to read it 😀


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