Author Event: Alwyn Hamilton

I’ve been meaning to get this event post up since the end of January but alas, it is the end of March and I am two months late getting it up!

I was super eager to go to the Hero at the Fall launch in London, but sadly it was a little too far for me on a work night! Luckily, Alwyn had an event planned for Birmingham and so when Kate at ReadingThroughInfinity messaged me to ask if I’d be attending, I dropped everything (not literally, I was sat on a train at this point) and bought my ticket there and then! I was so excited to see Alwyn as I met her for the first time at YALC last Summer and she is just such a lovely person!


The event was definitely not as large as I expected! I was quite shocked with the small amount of people that were there, but it also made the experience feel a little more personal. The event included a Q&A session with Mariam Khan, before taking some questions from the audience. Now that the series is over, Alwyn spoke a little bit about her next project which I won’t say about as she wasn’t sure if she should be telling us, but I’m super glad that she did as her next project sounds so fantastic! I’m already looking forward to it. I was able to ask Alwyn a question which was nice to do, I always feel so nervous asking questions and of course, the ‘hey, how’re you?’ line came out yet again. Why can’t I just be normal when I meet authors instead of acting like a deer in the headlights?!

The event included some spoilers for Traitor to the Throne, or at least here were spoilers for me because I am an idiot and have yet to read Traitor. Although thankfully, I have forgotten what they were as the event was almost two months ago now (I’m so slow at writing).

After the event, I was able to meet Alwyn and get my copy of Hero at the Fall signed. Alwyn remembered me after I reminded her I met at YALC and told her I was the girl who always bangs on about her starry jumpsuit. It was so nice to talk to her and I really hope I can meet her again at YALC in the Summer (which I am attending for the whole weekend!). It was especially lovely to attend the event for Hero and talk about YALC because that’s where the reveal for Hero happened and now we’re holding the real thing!

I had a really great time at the Hero event that Waterstones Birmingham hosted. I’m very lucky that I get to attend events and meet authors, but also meet friends. At this event, I met up with Ruby and Kate (who I knew prior to the event, link to her blog above), and got to meet Kirsty! So friends, books and author events, what’s not to enjoy?!

10 thoughts on “Author Event: Alwyn Hamilton

    1. Thank you! Ah, I’m so jealous! I wanted to attend the London event but what with work, I just couldn’t get the time off! Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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    1. Ah thank you! It was super fun! Definitely, it’s such a nice picture. I’d love that, we’ll have to keep an eye out. Hopefully there’s another opportunity to meet prior to YALC 🙂

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      1. Ah OK, well we’ll definitely see each other then! I’m still deciding if I’m going to YAShot, because it falls between two really busy weekends when I’m in France and London, so I don’t know whether I’ll just want a weekend off to relax!


      2. For sure! Ah, that’s completely fair enough. I do understand as it’s a weekend of books or a weekend of relaxing at home!


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