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I’ve been wanting to do a feature like this for some time. Other than book reviews and unboxings, I wanted a new feature to add to my blog! Therefore, I’ve come up with Behind the Blog! I thought it would be a great way to get to know the people behind the blogs in the book community.

I thought I’d start off my little feature by telling you a little more about the blogger behind Hung Up On Books, which is me!

Tell us a little about you.

I’m Vicky and I’m from the West Midlands, England. I’m a History graduate and am a trainee accountant, so a little different! I’d love to become a published author one day, but you must actually write to even have a shot!

Give us one fun fact about you!

I have the same first and middle name as Victoria Schwab!

When did you become a reader?

My reading life has been very up and down. I have always loved reading and used to devour the Rainbow Magic books when I was younger. I drifted off a little in high school and college but found my love of reading again back in 2014. You can find out more about my reading story here!

What made you decide to start a blog and stick with it?

I actually started a blog in 2014 when I picked up reading again. I managed to keep up with it for about 6 months then posted occasionally once I discovered the world of bookstagram. I started this blog in March 2013. I noticed some bookstagrammers had blogs and so I decided to give it another go! I can’t say that my posting record has been the best, but it’s something I’m really trying to work hard on. I really love the blogging and book community and having this place to talk about books and book related things so that really encourages me to carry on!

How would you describe your blog in 4 words?

Fun, books, events, travel

Which of your posts are you most proud of or one that you wish had gotten a little more love?

One of the posts I’m most proud of is my post on Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco. I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of it which meant that I could finally get a little creative within my blog posts. It’s something that I’ve only done once, but I’d definitely like to add a little more to my posts in future!

What tips would you give to someone looking to start a book blog?

Don’t take it super seriously! When you start out, you may take it quite seriously and worry about followers and views, but try not too! If you’re having fun and posting about what you love, the rest will take care of itself! Also, don’t be scared to mix it up! Your blog is yours so post whatever you want! This blog may primarily be a book blog, but it’s not exclusively for books. I’ve also posted about some of my travels!

What’s your favourite book/series?

This is really difficult and even though I set this question for myself, I’m still finding it hard to answer it! My favourite series is Harry Potter. It’s one I’ve read countless times. I have quite a few books that I absolutely love but the one I will mention is Anna and the French Kiss because that is the book that sparked my love of books again.

Give us a book recommendation based on what you’ve read recently.

I finished The Smoke Thieves in April and was pleasantly surprised by it. My favourite read of 2018 so far is definitely Children of Blood and Bone though!

Outside of reading and blogging, what do you do in your spare time?

When I’m not reading or blogging, I’m either at work, studying or hanging with my boyfriend/family/friends. At this moment in time, I’m also discussing my next trip with my boyfriend. We’re trying to decide where to travel next!

Are there any blogs that you’d recommend? 

There are so many that I love and follow so I’ll just list 5!

And that’s a wrap! Stay tuned for the last weekend of June for my first guest blog post!

6 thoughts on “Behind the Blog

  1. Hi Vicky 🙂
    I love things like this and getting to know the person behind the blog a little better ♥
    Do you study history in general or do you specialize in something? 🙂


    1. Hi Kat! Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I finished my History degree last May so haven’t studied it since May but I studied history generally. My favourite topics are World War 1&2 and the Victorian ages. 😄


  2. “If you’re having fun and posting about what you love, the rest will take care of itself! ” I love your advice, it couldn’t be more true! I think bloggers should understand that their blog is THEIRS and they can do what they like with it and not be scared!! i loved this post, and getting to learn more about you, super fun! I still need to read Children of Blood and Bone, I’m SO glad you loved it.


  3. Love the idea behind this feature! One of my favourite things is getting to know people more personally than just their bookish content ahaha. And thank you so much for recommending my blog!! Such a nice surprise ❤


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