June Wrap Up

Before we get into this wrap up, you may have noticed something different! I’ve changed my blog name! As you may be aware, I was Hung Up On Books but I fancied a change and also wanted something a little catchier and easier to remember. So therefore, I am now What Vicky Read! I’m super excited about this change and you can find me at all social media links (Twitter, Instagram) at @whatvickyread now! I’ll be updating my contact page shortly.

Now that’s done, onto the wrap up!

I knew that June was going to be a busy month, particularly at the end of the month as I had an exam resit, an exam the day after that and then I had another the first week of July! I have honestly just spent the majority of the month working and revising with little time for doing much else. My boyfriend’s birthday was the middle of the month so that offered a little relief from exams but other than that, I haven’t had much time for reading or socialising. I am hoping to have a little more time to read in July, especially since there are some books that I still need to read before YALC at the end of the month! I do have another exam the day before I leave for YALC so we’ll see how that goes…

Reading total: 1 Books this year: 23

Knowing what my June was going to be like with exams, I knew that I wouldn’t be getting much reading done, if any, so my reading list was basically non-existent for the month. I really just wanted to try and read some ARCs. It’s gutting being sent wonderful books and then not being able to fully dedicate time to them because of work/study commitments but I’m finally coming out of that stage now. Here are the books I had on my June TBR:

1.Furyborn by Clare Legrand

2. A book by an author going to YALC. My pick is All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth. I’m about 90 pages into this one currently but am aiming to finish or be about to finish it by the time YALC comes around!

I read Furyborn and that was it. I did start to pick up a book by an author going to YALC which is All These Beautiful Strangers but that was it! I’m doing pretty well in regards to not buying books and unintentionally have put myself on a book buying ban I think. I did buy The Suffragettes which was £1 though so because it was so cheap, I feel like it doesn’t really count!

So here is the one book I read this month:

Furyborn by Claire Legrand – A review will be going up of this one soon but I really enjoyed this book. It was action packed and I thought that it created a lot of potential for the next book and that it was an attention capturing read. A review is to come shortly!

So there’s my (very awful) June wrap up. How many books did you read this month? Did you have a good or bad reading month?

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