Wildest Dreams Book Box: May Unboxing

I’ve been fairly slack in my book box unboxings recently. I blame working full time and studying. However, you can catch my unboxings over on my Instagram story which you can find over at @whatvickyread.

img_0385I received the May Wildest Dreams book box during the middle of the month, it was my second box from Wildest Dreams, and I really enjoyed it. The theme was Female Voices which I thought was a really good and empowering theme to choose.


The first item that I found in the box was a ‘Rogue Dial’ Bone Season inspired soap. It’s blue, red and gold, sort of like the auras in the books. The scent is described as dusky sloe and almond. I personally haven’t used this yet and that’s because I am a hoarder when it comes to soaps. I don’t really know why but I just can’t bring myself to use them as I just never want them to run out! I thought that this was a cool item and I definitely am going to force myself to use it because it smells really lovely!


Now, one of the things I love about this box is that it includes tea. In both the April and May box, loose tea and tea bags have come and I think it’s so lovely. On those lazy Sundays when you want to just curl up with your book, having tea on hand is just perfect. May’s flavour was Chamomile and Lemongrass tea. I am really excited to try this tea out, especially since I have been so stressed out about exams and not having enough time to revise for them so I feel like this tea will help me to calm and destress now that it’s almost over!

As well as tea, there is a biscuity snack. Again, perfect for those lazy days with a book and it compliments the tea too! I’m personally not really a biscuit dunker but there is the option! The biscuits I had were chocolate chip and vanilla and they went down an absolute treat!

We also had two Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne inspired stickers included in the box as a little bonus item – these went with the theme of the tea as it was chosen by Holly Bourne!

The book that we received for this months pick was one that I actually hadn’t heard of before. It’s I Stop Somewhere by T. E. Carter. It sounds like an interesting read and I’m always open to trying new books (duh, obviously I am).  The synopsis included on the box description says:

Ellie finds herself trapped after a brutal assault. She wasn’t the first victim, and now she watches it happen again and again. She tries to hold on to her happier memories in order to get past the cold days, waiting for someone to find her. The problem is, no one searches for a girl they never noticed in the first place.


From that little blurb, I am intrigued to find out more about what this book is about! The book came with a letter from the author, a bookmark and a signed bookplate which I immediately popped in my book.

So that is our May Wildest Dreams book box (I am so awful for posting this just over a month late). I would definitely encourage you to check out this box. I love the tea included and the book does sound very interesting to me.

I thought this box was wonderful and it is so affordable starting at just £18 a month! It’s also a big supporter of UKYA books which is really positive to see, particularly as I feel like the YA industry is primarily dominated by US authors so this box really helps in the fight for UKYA authors to get noticed!

If you would like to check out and purchase a Wildest Dreams book box, make sure you use TANGLEDPAGES10 to grab a 10% discount. You won’t regret getting your own Wildest Dreams book box!

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