Behind the Blog: Layla aka Readable Life

Behind the Blog is a regular feature where you and I can get to know the person behind the blog a little better!

For August, this months blogger is Layla from Readable Life! I’ve been following Layla on twitter for a little while now and have been reading through her blog posts for about the same amount of time. I met Layla for the first time at YALC this year though and she is super lovely. So I thought that I would invite her to be our guest for this months post! I hope we can all get to know our lovely blogger of the month a bit better!

Hi! Introduce yourself – what’s your name? Where are you from?

Hello! I’m Layla, and I’m a 25 year old blogger from London, United Kingdom!

Give us one fun fact about you!

Fun fact: I taught myself to draw when I was a teenager.

When did you become a reader?

I’ve always been a reader from a very early age, but apart from the obvious answer of Harry Potter, I became a reader from the age of ten when I started reading the Series of Unfortunate Events books. They were books that truly hooked me and I still love them to this day.

What made you decide to start a blog and stick with it?

Blogging was something I ummed and ahhed with for a while. My bestie spurred me on to making a blog to write about book related thoughts and ideas last year, but what kept me going as a blogger was being able to be free with my thoughts on a book. It’s quite thrilling to write a whole long page just dedicated to what I thought about a book.

How would you describe your blog in 4 words?

Thoughtful, Reviews, Passionate, Excitable.

Which of your posts are you most proud of or one that you wish had gotten a little more love?

I am most proud of my Those Beloved Books posts, where I’ll take a post to just entirely praise a series of books that have either changed me or have made me realise how much I truly love reading. So far I’ve covered Harry Potter and Six of Crows!

What tips would you give to someone looking to start a book blog?

Be yourself! Don’t try to copy other bloggers or pretend to be someone you’re not. If you’re true to yourself and enjoy what you blog about, then your blog will thrive.

What’s your favourite book/series?

Six of Crows duology!

Give us a book recommendation based on what you’ve read recently.

I’ve just finished reading The Darkest Minds so would happily recommend that! It’s a dystopian novel about a disease that’s wiping out kids, but the survivors are left with powers like telekinesis or mind control. It’s really gritty and fast paced too!

Outside of reading and blogging, what do you do in your spare time?

I love video games so I do end up spending a lot of time in front of a console! There are stories to be found in games as well as books which is why I love them so much. I also work in a bookshop, so about 80% of my life is spent around books!

Are there any blogs that you’d recommend?

Here are some of my absolute favourite blogs!

Kate at Reading Through Infinity
Hollie at HollieBlog
Helen at Watching Sparks
Charlotte at Charlotte, Somewhere

A huge thank you goes out to Layla for coming onto the blog and answering my questions. It was lovely to get to know Layla a bit more and I hope you feel as if you’ve got to know our August Behind the Blog blogger better! Stay tuned for another month of Behind the Blog at the end of September!

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