Five Years of YALC: Day Three

The last day of YALC is always a strange one as the convention starts to wind down and a lot of people are due to travel back home in the afternoon/evening. It’s bittersweet as it’s another day of YALC but it also means its getting closer to home time and you can tell that feelings of tiredness are starting to settle in amongst the crowds, but also stalls are getting low on products.

Despite being tired and my feet hurting, I powered through and somehow, Sunday ended up being my lucky day! I hadn’t had a lot of luck the past two days, with Kirsty managing to win me my copy of The Girl King and two days of mobbing Holly Jackson for a lucky ticket to A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, which only ended with me getting a sorry-you-didn’t-win-toffee, but it all seemed to turn around for me on Sunday!

The day started off with a mini shoot at the Ink Road Books booth and an Ash Princess themed lucky dip. For some reason, I thought the lucky dip was going to be for a copy of the book but it wasn’t, it was for a candle instead! As I hadn’t had much luck, I went into the lucky dip expecting nothing but I ended up with a candle, yippee!

I then headed over to the Harper/HQ shared booth for a ticket to enter the Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa raffle. There were 20 copies going of the bound script and so again, I went into it very negatively. As they were calling out the numbers, I kept thinking ‘I’ll never win, what’s the point?’ and said out loud ‘I hate this’ and then literally one second later, my number (which was 74), got called out. I was very happy as I had put this book on my list for books I wanted to pick up over the weekend so I was thrilled to have won a copy! You best believe I shouted ‘that’s me!’ and then wrapped that baby up in one of my book sleeves as soon as I had the chance!

My lucky streak didn’t stop there! Oh no, after mobbing Holly Jackson for the fourth time that weekend, which I still feel bad about, I finally managed to get my hand on a winning ticket. I was honestly expecting another toffee and even as I handed the ticket over, I said something along the lines of ‘well I know I haven’t won’ to have the lady behind the Electric Monkey booth exclaim back that I had! I had been after this book all weekend and I was desperate for it so I was even happier that I had been. I honestly felt triumphant, it was as if I had won a race, because I had been after the book all weekend and finally, it was mine!

I then continued my winning streak by winning a cute Hodderscape badge because I wrote who one of my favourite fantasy characters was on their wall! I chose Scarlett Dragna from Caraval but I do wish I’d written her sister, Tella instead.

I’ll press pause on my little winning streak story for the moment, as I did actually buy three books on Sunday. I bought two copies of A Thousand Beginnings and Endings, which is being published soon by Harper Collins. One copy was for Christine as she had bought Fawkes earlier on in the weekend but then found out she’d received an ARC of it at home, so we swapped! I also bought a copy of Are We All Lemmings & Snowflakes? by Holly Bourne. I’ve never read anything by Holly before but have wanted to for a while and seeing as she was signing at YALC on Sunday, I thought I would go for it and buy a copy of her latest book!

As well as book winning and book buying, I also did some celeb spotting – Sunday was very eventful if you couldn’t tell!

I tried to get a selfie with Jason Momoa and although it is blurry, you can see he is looking at the camera. After I’d seen him about 4 times over the weekend and I’d crawled across the floor in front of him, I’m pretty sure he may have recognised me and so when I was trying to take my selfie, he just looked at me with a smile but as if to say ‘really? 😏’ so I’d call my little selfie a success.

Whilst celeb spotting, we managed to nab a look at Paul Wesley, Daniel Gillies (honestly have never watched the programmes these two people are in before), then Matt Smith, David Tennant and Peter Capaldi. Peter Capaldi actually came over to our group and spoke to us and I honestly died a little inside because I was overwhelmed. Like, did he really come over and start to talk to our group? *screams internally about it forever*

Myself, Christine, Lauren and Amy all decided that as we didn’t have a lot to do on Sunday, we’d take the opportunity to head down to LFCC. Last year we didn’t spend a lot of time downstairs as there was a lot more going on in YALC but this year was more chilled so we were able to really take in LFCC! There were some fantastic cosplays and I even got to meet and take a picture with a Spider-Man which matched my Spider-Man themed top for the day!

I only had two signings on Sunday, Holly Bourne at 2pm and Sara Holland at 3pm but as I’d won my copy of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder earlier on in the day, I also wanted Holly Jackson to sign that. I managed to make all three signings which I was very happy about it.

I was most excited for Sara Holland as I read Everless in December/January and loved it. It was lovely meeting Sara but I do think she is a bit shy! We still had a nice, little conversation though and because she had a long queue, there wasn’t that much time to stand around talking to her. After I’d exited the line, Christine told me to check my phone…I’d only gone and won another book! When I was waiting for Sara, I entered a twitter comp for a copy of The Familiars ARC from Hot Key Books. I quickly made my way over there to scoop up my copy.

And just like that, YALC was basically over. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering round, taking in our last looks of YALC 2018 and saying goodbye to friends who would be going home that evening.

The end of YALC always makes me so sad because I’ve just spent an amazing weekend surrounded by books and people who love to read and I honestly never want it to end. I know it must end because if YALC were every day, then the magic would go. I just miss it every day but luckily this year, I didn’t actually cry or start to tear up. That’s definitely an improvement on last year!

My lucky streak continued into Monday morning when I won a print from Bloomsbury of the Gryffindor common room as I’d tweeted out a selfie with a copy of Chamber of Secrets in my house theme (Gryffindor)! It’s super pretty and I need to frame and display it properly because it’s what the art deserves.

And with that friends, YALC 2018 is over. We now have YALC 2019 to look forward too and you betcha, I’ll be going to that! I don’t think I can actually miss a year now, I absolutely love YALC and seeing old faces and new. It brings such joy to me and I look

For a quick run down, here’s what I picked up on Sunday:

Authors met:

  • Holly Bourne
  • Sara Holland

Books bought:

  • A Thousand Beginnings and Endings edited by Ellen Oh and Elsie Chapman
  • Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes? by Holly Bourne

ARCs acquired:

  • Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa
  • A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson
  • The Familiars by Stacey Hall

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