Signing: Laini Taylor at Waterstones Birmingham

Although I am yet to finish Strange the Dreamer, I have read some of Laini’s other books and really enjoyed them. I think she’s a lovely person and I enjoy listening to her talk about writing and stories. For that reason, I decided that I would nab a ticket to Laini’s Muse event hosted at Waterstones Birmingham on Friday evening.

I changed my hours so slightly and headed off to Birmingham to meet some friends that I’ve met through the online book community prior to the event. After we’d had a little chat and I’d gobbled some food down, we made our way to the Laini event.

I only took two books with me as I actually got all of my books signed by Laini when she visited for the release of Strange the Dreamer last year so luckily I only had two books to bring with me. I did take Strange the Dreamer too though as I was reading it although I didn’t get it signed.

Prior to the event, I planned to meet up with some friends. Both me and Ruby live in the same city so we got the train together to Birmingham. Once there, we met up with Kate and Lauren in New Street station and then picked up Kirsty in the Waterstones Cafe!

It’s always lovely seeing friends and familiar faces at events. I don’t think I ever would’ve though that I’d be meeting people prior to events or even going to events with friends before I joined the book community 4.5 years ago!

We got to our seats and waited patiently for Laini to talk about her new book, with Daphne of Illumicrate chairing the event. Whilst waiting, I met Kavita who I’ve spoken to on Twitter a couple of times and she was super lovely!


After the talk, we got into the signing queue. We were sat close to the back so were fairly close to the front of the signing queue which was great. I am super panicky about missing the train home so I try to get near the front of the queue so sitting at the back definitely worked out well.

Laini is super lovely and I’m so glad I got the chance to meet her and hear her talk about her new book, even though I haven’t finished Strange the Dreamer yet..

I had a really great time at this event. It always feels like they fly by, which this one definitely did, but I had a fun time nonetheless!

Here’s a group picture before we all went our separate ways for the night!

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