Blogmas 2018: A Look Back at My 2018 Goals


For 2018, I set out some bookish/blog goals for myself. Now that we’re coming to the end of the year (I still can’t believe it’s December), I thought I would reflect on my goals for 2018. I visited quite a few new bookshops this year (mostly famous bookshops) which wasn’t something that I put on my list but is something that I quietly said to myself I would do. Daunt Books (pictured here) was one of the shops I visited this year.

I will be posting my 2019 goals in a separate blog post so stay tuned for that. I should’ve mentioned it before but I’m going to be posting for Blogmas all the way up until the 24th December!

Here’s my 2018 goals – let’s see if I met them!

  1. Read 40 books – I’m currently at 36 books read so I am close to this goal. I know that by the end of this month, I will have reached my goal. Therefore, I can consider this one complete!
  2. Cut my TBR down – Wellllll, this definitely hasn’t happened. If anything, I have gained more books that intended and I’m creeping more towards the 250 mark. I really need to get my TBR down to 200 so that’s something I want to be working towards now.
  3. Cut down how many books I buy – I think I kind of consider this one a success. I haven’t bought as many books this year as I usually would. I’d say that I’ve probably received more ARCs than previous years which has put my TBR list up, but there haven’t been as many new releases this year that I’ve been super excited for, so that’s definitely helped. Plus, I’m trying to save money to move out now so unless it’s a special edition or I know it will go out of print in hardcover fairly quickly, I’ve been fairly good at not buying books.
  4. Use February to read historical books – Oops, I definitely didn’t do this. I’m a bit of a mood reader so this was an all round bad idea and a bad goal to set for myself. I definitely do want to read more of the historical books on my shelf, and I think I had read more historical books this year in comparison to previous years. I’m particularly enjoying the historical murder mystery side of things at the moment, so I’d like to continue reading more historical books in 2019.
  5. Only buy books when I have read 10 – Um, so things didn’t quite go to plan with this one. I don’t know how many books I actually bought this year, but based on this plan, I should’ve only bought 4 books and I definitely bought more than that. You know, life is too short to restrict how many books you buy in a year! (As you can see in this picture, there are four books that I have bought – I am purely showing you this to demonstrate the fact that I have definitely not stuck to this goal at all)
  6. Reach 200 blog followers – Thanks to you lovely people, I actually surpassed this goal and am currently sat at just over 300 blog followers, amazing! I literally could not have done it without you and I’m honestly just amazed that there are people who do read my blog. I’m really happy that I’m a part of this wonderful community, so thank you.
  7. Reach 4000 instagram followers – I totally slipped off the instagram train this year and you know what? I actually don’t mind. I find that I have far better interactions with people on twitter, so I’ve sort of migrated there. Ok yes, I am a little down about not being on instagram so much anymore and it is a really powerful tool in the book community when you want to get noticed, but I’ve just really lost my mojo with it and the algorithm really hasn’t done me any favours, so I’ve taken a step back from it.

Did you stick to your 2018 goals?

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