Blogmas 2018: Favourite Series

Over the past few years, I’ve managed to read around 200 books. Most of those I would probably say are series. Please don’t ask me why or how I keep getting into series even though I really, most definitely should not start anymore. Perhaps 2019 will be the year of completing series for me?

After realising how many series I actually read, I thought it might be fun to tell you about a couple of my favourites. I have only included five so that I can talk to you a little about each one. These are in no particular order because I am indecisive meaning I can’t rank them but also because I enjoy them all for different reasons.

  • Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling – You didn’t think I could write this list without including this series did you? Despite the fact that I do sometimes feel that J. K. is starting to take things a little toooo far with the series, it will always hold a special place in my heart.
  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – I read this after finding it on Tumblr. I always loved to read when I was younger, but when I got to high school I definitely didn’t read as much as I now wish I had. I received the Hunger Games books for Christmas in 2010 and read them all within two weeks of receiving them. And then I read them again. And again. It’s quite an important series to me because of how much I loved the books when I first read them.
  • Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – If anybody asks me what my favourite book is, particularly contemporary, Anna and the French Kiss will always be one of my answers. This book re-introduced me to reading by gently pulling me back and I’ve been reading ever since. If it wasn’t for this book, I would never have this blog, nor would I be part of the amazing book community. Most importantly, I wouldn’t have met all of my wonderful reader friends who I am so thankful for. This book and series is more than a series to me now, it’s introduced to me a whole new part of life which I couldn’t imagine being without now.
  • Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco – This series is a historical murder mystery and I absolutely love it. Having done History for my degree, this was right up my street already but combine it with murder and mystery, a genre that I am seemingly falling more in love with every day, and bam, this series has become a very firm favourite of mine. I cannot recommend it enough and just love it.
  • Caraval by Stephanie Garber – I’ve read both books in this series as soon as they’ve been released and I honestly love both books currently out. I was in some need of a bit of magic in my life, and this book definitely delivered that. The cover is gorgeous, the story is captivating and I just love it.  would fully recommend checking this series out. I’d even recommend you read it during December as it’s got a lot of magic in it, just like the festive season!

There are some of my favourite series. There are a couple more, but as you can see, my explanations are a little long! Are any of the series on my list part of your favourite series at all? If not, what’s one of your favourite book series?

One thought on “Blogmas 2018: Favourite Series

  1. I was going to be shocked if you hadn’t had Stalking Jack the Ripper on this list, but there it was! I liked the Hunger Games when I read it but I’m not as into dystopias any more so I don’t think I’ll ever re-read it. Some of my recent favourite series that I’ve finished have been ADSOM (of course) and Rebel of the Sands. One series that I really need to get back into is Snow Like Ashes – I loved the first book but I haven’t picked up the rest! Great post Vicky! ❤

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