Blogmas 2018: End of Yearathon


With the end of 2018 approaching, I made the decision to host #EndOfYearathon. I had put out a tweet asking if one was going ahead and there seemed to be a lot of interest and encouragement for me to host one. I wasn’t entirely sure about hosting given the fact that I haven’t hosted one before, but then Amanda got in contact with me to offer to host and with that, I decided to go ahead and host it with her alongside me!

The 26th December – 1st January seemed like the perfect time to host a readathon. Of course we all want to get in that last bit of reading in and smash our goals before 2018 is up but also, I know that quite a few people have that time off from work/school or at least a day or two off.

We have come up with some themes together, but these are completely optional. I know that I really don’t do well at sticking to a TBR list, but seeing as this is my own Readathon, I should probably give sticking to a TBR my best shot. Hopefully with the challenges, there will be less pressure to read as much before 2018 ends as the challenges will hopefully bring some fun instead!

The themes are as listed above in the pictures:

  • Read a book released in 2018 – Oh boy, I have some books that will definitely tick this one off! Now it’s just deciding which one to read!
  • Read a book with Christmas colours on the cover (Red, Green, Gold or all of them!) – I definitely have a couple of books that I want to read that match this theme. I’d be interested to see if I have any books that have all three colours on. I think I’ll have to have a search through my shelves!
  • Read a book in a series – I have so many series that I’ve started but haven’t finished, so I’m definitely going to look to either continue a series or finish one off!
  • Read a book with more than 400 pages – This page count is quite achievable. I have loads of books that just creep over the 400 page mark, so it shouldn’t be too hard for me to find a book that ticks this box
  • Read a book released before 2018 – If you’re like me, you’ll have stacks and stacks of books released before 2018 that you haven’t read yet. I definitely do, so I’ll be aiming to definitely read one book released before 2018.

You can combine challenges together if you’d like – the great thing about these themes is that you can participate in all of them, some of them, or none. We’re really just focusing on reading as much as possible to help us hit those goals. So whether you have 1 book to read before you hit your reading goal for the year, or 5, we’re here to help you but also have some fun!

You can even double up the challenges if you want to read more than 5 books. For example, you could do all five challenges, but maybe you want to read more than five books so therefore, read two books released before 2018 or two released in 2018!

I haven’t come up with my full TBR list for it yet but I plan to pick the books I want to read over the next week so I’ll definitely be updating you guys with that.

If you’d like to participate, please do let us know by either commenting down below or tweeting us! I’ll be checking the hashtag throughout the Readathon week (and before too) so make sure you use that hashtag to update us with what you’re reading and to let us know you’re joining in!

Anyone can join, whether it’s at the start or the week or the middle. Even if you just want to participate for a day, that’s ok! We’re welcoming anyone and everyone to join us.

You can follow us on Twitter here where we’ll be posting all the updates:

Vicky || Amanda

I hope to see you participate in this with us – don’t forget to hashtag #EndofYearathon! Happy reading!

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