Blogmas 2018: How I Plan to Achieve my 2019 Reading Goals

I haven’t posted my general 2019 goals yet but I wanted to talk a little bit about how I plan to achieve my 2019 reading goals.

In 2018, my goal was to read 40 books. I’m not saying this was ambitious for the year but with working full time and studying for the majority of the year, I definitely felt the pressure to read this year. If I hadn’t of fallen into a slump over Autumn, I probably could’ve gone for 45 but obviously that didn’t happen.

For 2019, my goal is to read 30 books. After this year, I want to drop my goal so there’s less pressure. Plus, I think there will be more exams in the coming year so I really don’t want to have a big goal that I can’t reach.

I do actually have 200+ books on my TBR that I want and need to read but 2019 probably isn’t the year to tackle that mountain.

To tackle my 2019 reading goal of 30 books, I have come up with a few ways to help me and hopefully these might help you too:

  • Create a TBR on Goodreads – I’ve started compiling a list of books I want to read in 2019 under a new list on Goodreads.
  • Start writing in my reading journal again – Last year I did a good job of keeping up with my reading journal. I have a book where I keep track of all the books I read in a year and what’s going to be on my TBR for the next month but I haven’t used it much in the latter half of this year. Picture is from last year!
  • Writing more reviews of books – As well as my reading journal, I have a separate book for reviews. I want to start writing in this again so that I am able to write better reviews on my blog, and so I can remember how I immediately felt about a book too.
  • Reading smaller, faster books – I know that I tend to get through contemporaries faster than books of any other genre, so it could be that I make this year the year I read a lot more contemporary books.
  • Keeping myself from a reading slump – This will definitely be easier said than done but I’ve found that watching Reading Vlogs on YouTube has been really useful in making me want to read more. My thinking is 30 minutes or an hour of watching YouTube videos is better than being in a slump for 2 months.
  • Most of all, I just want to have fun. Having a loose TBR will be good as I want to give myself some options for books to read for when I’m perhaps not in the mood.
  • I plan to update my Goodreads during Christmas with all the books that are actually on my shelves and under my bed so that my Goodreads is fully up to date and then I can plan my TBR better!
  • What are some useful ways of sticking to your TBR and reaching your reading goal for the year?
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