5 Reasons to Read the Caraval series

It’s absolutely no secret that the Caraval series by Stephanie Garber is one of my favourites to exist. I had been eagerly anticipating Caraval ever since I saw it being handed out at BEA 2016 (via twitter, of course I didn’t go). I waited patiently but when it arrived in the January 2017 Fairyloot, I basically devoured it and LOVED it, just as predicted. I was extremely lucky to receive an ARC of Legendary thanks to the team at Hodder and basically gulped it down. It was lovely to dive back into the series and be with all of the characters again. That’s just one of the many reasons I’m looking forward to reading Finale, despite it being the end.

To celebrate the release of the final book in the series, Finale, I decided that I would present to you 5 reasons to read the series in the hopes it’ll either give you the nudge to start these books or push you to read the next book in the series.

1. The Characters – The characters are one of the biggest draws for me to this series. I think every character is unique in this story and because of that, I find it difficult to pick a favourite character because I have different reasons for why I like them! I think the main characters, Scarlett and Tella are fairly realistic. They’re vulnerable and they do make mistakes but I like that about them.

2. The Magic – Of course, these books would have to feature magic because Caraval is magical! One of the first things I fell in love with when I read this series was the magic. It’s quite significant to these books as it’s always there. Caraval is surrounded by magic and I just love seeing it come to life in these books.

3. The Settings – I love the magical settings in these books as I think they really make the book come to life. All three books include a map which is so helpful as you can follow the characters and because it helps to imagine the settings more vividly. Caraval and Legendary are both set somewhere different but the game element of Caraval is key in both. I think the settings are part of what makes these books so magical.

4. The Mystery and Intrigue – The whole game of Caraval is a mystery up until the end. That’s what’s so intriguing about these books because you want to find out how the game will end. The magic and illusions of Caraval help to make this book so mysterious but you shouldn’t get too caught up in it, otherwise you may lose your head!

5. The Series is Over – While it does pain me to say that the series is over, it does mean that you now have the perfect reason to read them because all of the books are released. You know what that calls for? A READING MARATHONNNN!

Bonus reason: Not only is Stephanie a wonderful author but she’s also such a lovely person and she really deserves the support of the book community!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you think of any extra reasons for why people should read this wonderful series, please leave them in the comments to encourage others to embark on the journey of Caraval!

Remember…it’s only a game.

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Read the Caraval series

  1. Another reason to read this series; LEGEND!
    Absolutely agree with every point in this post! This series is entirely unique and Stephanie has to be one of the kindest authors I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking with!


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