The Paper & Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie


Title: The Paper & Hearts Society

Author: Lucy Powrie

Pages: 355

Publisher: Hodder Children’s

Published: 2019

Source: Received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review – Thanks, Team Bkmrk!

Rating: ★★★★

Tabby Brown is tired of trying to fit in. She doesn’t want to go to parties – in fact, she would much rather snuggle up on the sofa with her favourite book.

It’s like she hasn’t found her people …

Then Tabby joins a club that promises to celebrate books. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING – especially when making new friends brings out an AWKWARD BUZZING feeling all over her body.

But Olivia, Cassie, Henry and Ed have something that makes Tabby come back. Maybe it’s the Austen-themed fancy-dress parties, or Ed’s fluffy cat Mrs Simpkins, or could it be Henry himself …

Can Tabby let her weird out AND live THE BEST BOOKISH LIFE POSSIBLE?

I have been looking forward to reading Lucy’s book, The Paper & Hearts Society ever since I heard that she was writing it. I’ve been following the journey of her debut novel and it’s just been such a joy to watch it go from a document on her screen to a physical copy that can be held and read.

The Paper & Hearts Society is quite a heartwarming book and is so fast paced that I completely raced through it. I was excited to read it because it features books and reading so heavily which are obviously quite a big part of my life and it did not disappoint. I’m really happy that I picked it up as I really enjoyed it and now I want my to form my own Paper & Hearts Society.


The Paper & Hearts Society follows Tabby, our main character, after a move down to Dorset as she gets used to a new life in a relatively new place. Tabby moves in with her Gran and, because she is living in a new place, we follow her as she meets new people and settles into new surroundings.

I enjoyed the writing of this book. It was fairly simple which meant that I was able to fly through the pages. As mentioned already, the pacing of it was quite fast and that, along with the writing, was consistent throughout. The plot flowed really well from one chapter to the next and was easy to follow. The only thing that stood out to me is that I felt that this book was a little on the younger side but that also made it quite quick for me. I would say that The Paper & Hearts Society is perfect for any high school or college student. I wish that I’d had this book when I was younger and in my first few years of high school as I think that’s the type of age group that it really appeals too.

The plot follows Tabby as she joins a newly formed club of friends and fellow book nerds. I really enjoyed the plot as I felt like it made a point of making sure that reading is nothing to be ashamed of and that it made it cool.  What I found positive with this book was that it explores themes of mental health and the exploration of LGBTQ+ and identity. Because of these themes, I feel like the book is more relatable, especially for young people who are perhaps dealing with mental health themselves or are exploring their own identity. This book will help you feel like you’re not so alone and that other people do go through similar. This book also explores bullying in the present day climate where social media is involved. Again, I do feel like this book could encourage young people dealing with this to seek out help and hopefully prove that it is ok to talk about how you’re feeling.

I liked that the characters, Tabby, Olivia, Cassie, Henry and Ed are unapologetically bookish and that, though they might have differing opinions on books, they stick together and help each other whenever one of them is feeling less than their best. I think that this book really helps to promote positive friendships and how important and supportive a group of friends can be. My favourite character in this book was probably Ed, just because I found him quite funny but in all honesty, I enjoyed reading about all of them.

When I finished The Paper & Hearts Society, I felt happy and definitely ready to read the next book, Read with Pride. It made me feel happy reading this book because I was listening to characters talk about their own love of books. It was actually quite comforting to see others be passionate about books and the things they love, even if they are fictional characters themselves.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed Lucy’s debut novel and I’m really excited for everyone to read it now that it’s out in the world. I’m looking forward to seeing where the next book, Read with Pride, takes us. I’d absolutely recommend this book if you’re looking for a fun, quick read and I’d especially recommend it if you’re looking for a book to gift to someone who is in high school or college – or even to you if you’re either of those things!

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