The Lover Book Tag

Welcome to the Lover book tag created by ME!

The Lover Book Tag is inspired by the album, Lover, by Taylor Swift. What a great way to combine two of my favourite things; Taylor Swift and Reading!

Now if you don’t know, Taylor Swift is my favourite musical artist in the universe. I’ve been a fan for 10 years now, having seen her on every tour since Speak Now in 2011. I just love her and her music so much so to celebrate the release of her newest album Lover, I have created this book tag.

Now I know there are quite a few Taylor Swift fans in the book community so I’ll hope you’ll take part in all 18 prompts. That’s right, this tag consists of 18 prompts for each song on the album! These prompts do all have something to do with the songs, whether directly (lyrics or to do with the song title) or what the song’s vibe is. Big thank you to Sammy from Sammy’s Shelf who helped me come up with a few of these!

Now if you haven’t listened to Lover yet, you absolutely should and while you’re at it, take part in this tag too! If you do take part in this tag, here are the rules:

  1. Give credit to the creator (that would be ME!)
  2. Tag 5 Friends
  3. HAVE FUN!

So with that, let’s get this tag started. Are you Ready For It?

I Forgot That You Existed – A book on your TBR that you’d completely forgotten about

I have a rather large TBR but the book that popped back out at me when I was scanning my bookshelves to find my answer to this is Daughter of the Burning City which I started to read back in 2017 but ended up putting it down as I went travelling for 6 weeks! Definitely must read that!

Cruel Summer – A Perfect Summer Read

I really enjoy reading contemporaries during the Summer months. They’re so quick to get through!

Lover – Your Favourite Book/Series

This is so difficult because I love a lot of books. It’s between the Stalking Jack the Ripper series, the Caraval series and the Truly, Devious books at the moment!

The Man – An Amazing Female Character

I’m going to go with Izzy O’Neill from The Exact Opposite of Okay and A Girl Called Shameless. Izzy experiences some tough things and ends up forming the club Bitches Bite Back with her friends. Following this, she helps lead a campaign focussing on making sure offences connected with revenge porn are punishable.

The Archer – A book from your childhood because you never grew up

Harry Potter, obviously! Those books (and the movies) are a huge part of my life growing up. The Rainbow Magic books were also quite a big part of my childhood!

I Think He Knows – A book everyone knows you love!

Other than the obvious books I could pick (Harry Potter, Caraval, Stalking Jack the Ripper), I hope everyone knows how much I love Vicious by V. E. Schwab. Such an amazing book!

Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince – A book that makes you so sad you could paint the town blue

I very rarely cry at books but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows does make me so sad!

Paper Rings – Your favourite OTP

Ugh, Audrey Rose and Thomas Cresswell from Stalking Jack the Ripper, obviously!

Cornelia Street – A book that lived up to the hype

I think probably Six of Crows. I was a little meh about the Grisha trilogy if I’m totally honest so was a little unsure about SoC but I loved it! I’m planning to re-read it later this year actually so that I can finaaaaally read Crooked Kingdom.

Death by a Thousand Cuts – A book that saying goodbye to is death by a thousand cuts so you just have to re-read it again

There are very few books that I have re-read since re-joining the book community back in 2014 but I have started re-reading Harry Potter for the first time in 7 years (a series that I did read over and over for about 3 years) and I’ll be honest, I don’t know why the heck it has taken me so long to get back to these books!

London Boy – A book based in London

It might be set in London a while back, but Stalking Jack the Ripper, one of my favourite books ever is set in London with a London Boy himself, Thomas Cresswell.

Soon You’ll Get Better – A book that brightens up your sky

Strange the Dreamer is a book that I fell completely head over heels in love with and

False God – A book that you could reread over again because it still does it for you, babe 

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I’ve re-read the first book three or four times now and just love it. I’ve also watched the movie a few times over because I enjoy so much!

You Need to Calm Down – An LGBTQ+ book you’d GLAADly recommend

Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda. This book is a real favourite of mine. I flew through it when I read it last year and I just love it! If you haven’t read it yet, you absolutely should.

Afterglow – It’s Not the Book, It’s Me (A book that wasn’t for you)

Definitely The Last Namsara. I’d heard so many good things about this book but I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected to!

ME! – A Character You Relate To

I think I probably relate the most Emma Nash from the Editing Emma series. I mean, I’m not hilarious or anything and most of the things that happened to her did not happen to me but I just feel like she is somebody that I would definitely be friends with.

It’s Nice to Have a Friend – A Character You’d Love to be Friends With

Hermione Granger or Fred and George Weasley! Also Stevie from Truly, Devious and Lara Jean from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Daylight – A book that you weren’t sure of at first but turned out to be amazing!

Girls of Paper and Fire started out a liiiiittle slow for me at first and I wasn’t really sure if I’d enjoy it but after I’d got through the first 100/120 pages, I ended up really enjoying it!

Bonus: Favourite Taylor Swift Album

Because I couldn’t let you go without picking you favourite Taylor Swift album! To be honest, I’ve made this tough on myself because I genuinely do love them all, but right now it’s between reputation and Lover. Both are incredible though!