Review: Rebel Dogs! Heroic Tales of Trusty Hounds



Title: Rebel Dogs! Heroic Tales of Trusty Hounds

Author: Kimberlie Hamilton

Pages: 160

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2019

Source: Early Finished Copy (Thanks to Scholastic!)

Rating: ★★★★

Tail-wagging tales of real-life Rebel Dogs! 

Get your paws on the stories and secrets of some of history’s most heroic hounds!

An engaging collection packed with over 30 real-life dogs, including film stars with fur, hounds that love to help, superstars of science and war heroes – these rebel dogs are the stars of their own stories.

Rebel Dogs! is a fun book that also encourages learning about facts in a fun and colourful way. Although it is about heroic dogs and, it provides a different and interesting way of educating people about these trusty hounds. I really enjoyed learning about the different dogs in this book.

As mentioned, the spreads in this book are quite colourful with wonderful illustrations of each dog, making the book quite a fairly interactive experience. The book lays out each heroic dogs actions as well as what happened to them after, leaving no room for questions about what happened to each dog afterwards. I personally enjoyed the stories more about the dogs involved in war stories but this book doesn’t just talk about dogs that were involved in war.

This book is aimed more towards Children, as demonstrated by the colourful page spreads and the easy to read stories on each dog, but that doesn’t mean that older children, teens and adults won’t enjoy this too. It could just be the perfect book for children and older siblings, parents or other family members to read together.

After reading this, I actually passed this to my cousin who is still in primary school. She loves animals and I know how much she wants a dog so passed this onto her. I’m not quite sure my auntie will be thanking me for encouraging her want of a dog more but I knew that my cousin would love looking at all of the pictures and learning just how clever dogs can be. She had a quick flick through when I gave it to her and really liked the images and colourful spreads!

Final Thoughts

Rebel Dogs! is such a fun book, perfect for your animal loving friend or family members. It especially appeals to children with all of the brightly coloured pages, pictures and the facts that are included. This book would be a really wonderful gift for those ‘crazy dog people’ in your life, especially if they’re kids.


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