Blogmas 2018: Bookish Goals for 2019

Blogmas 2018: Bookish Goals for 2019

Wow, it doesn’t seem that long since I wrote my Bookish Goals for 2018 post. What with us coming to the end of Blogmas, and the end of the year, I thought it best to present to you my goals for 2019.

2018 has been a fairly decent year for me. At the beginning of the year, I went to Iceland to celebrate 5 years with my boyfriend. I saw Taylor Swift and Ed Sheehan live. To be honest, I feel like I’ve mostly just cruised through the year. I’ve had some ups and downs at work and I’ve done the final level of my AAT qualification (hopefully I’ve finished it now) with some fails but other than that, I’ve not done anything life changing.

As you may have seen in my November wrap up post, or on my Twitter if you follow me, I lost my little Casper rabbit on the 18th November. It will be my first Christmas and New Year without him and I’m super sad I won’t be able to see him again or give him his Christmas treats. I live in comfort knowing that he was a happy bunny and that we gave him a decent life during his short time with us.

In terms of reading, I feel like I’ve disappointed myself this year. After reading 60 books last year, I really wanted to read 75 in 2018 but didn’t quite get to that…or anywhere near it.

  1. Read 30 books – In 2018, I set my goal at 40 books and that’s because I knew I’d be studying. I’m due to start another qualification in 2019 that is harder with more pressure so I’ve lowered my goal down to 30 for 2019.
  2. Continue to buy less books – This is something I really need to stick to in 2019. I want to start saving so that I can look to move out in the next few years, so buying less of everything, including books is definitely something I need to do!
  3. Finish series I’ve started – There are so many series that I’ve started that I want to finish. I think I might make duologies that I’ve started a priority as they’re quite quick to finish. But we shall see. I really would like to just marathon a series so that I can finish it, but depending on how long a series is, sometimes you need a break!
  4. Keep up with a reading journal – In 2017, I did a fairly decent job of keeping up with my own reading journal but this year, I have completely fizzled out. I want to start it up again so to motivate myself, I have bought a new notebook to start afresh and some new pens!
  5. Blog more consistently – Posting every day for Blogmas has been tiring and I’ve found coming up with ideas difficult at times but it’s really put into perspective for me how important posting consistently is if you want to grow your blog. Because of this, I want to blog more consistently and just plan my posts better in 2019.
  6. Get involved with the book blogging community more – I would love to increase my interaction with my followers and with bloggers that I follow. Comments are so nice to receive so I’d like to give some out.
  7. Reach 450 blog followers – In 2018, I managed to reach 300 blog followers which I was not expecting at all and it’s all thanks to you guys. In 2019, I would really love to continue to grow my blog and reach 450 followers!

Those are my goals! What goals do you guys have for 2019? I’d love to know what your resolutions are, whether they’re bookish or not!